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Resources to Help Marketers Choose a New Content Platform in 2021

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Traditional content marketing systems provided a way for marketers, editors, and writers to develop and publish digital experiences without needing to know code. Unfortunately, these systems now struggle to keep up with today's content channels and demand. The very tools that should help you only bog you down. 

You don't have to suffer from data silos, long developer queues, and overwhelming complexity in decoupled and headless CMS solutions. Start 2021 off right with a content management platform that works with your tools and can support your current and future marketing channels. 

Reduce Complexity and Increase Your Flexibility with an All-in-One Content Platform

A centralized content platform puts your core marketing capabilities in a single, convenient system. You will not need to access multiple applications and platforms when you put together a marketing campaign. You also will not be manually gathering data and marketing assets from various sources.

Other benefits of reducing the complexity of your content platform include:

  • Creating a more secure environment: Your IT security team can focus on protecting a single platform rather than monitoring dozens of applications. If the content platform is cloud-based, then the vendor handles most of the cybersecurity.
  • Focusing onboarding training on a limited set of tools: New hires can quickly become productive members of your marketing team when they perform most or all of their job duties in one platform.
  • Standardizing your marketing processes: If everyone uses their preferred tools, you end up with marketing assets spread in different storage locations, dozens of formats that may need to be converted, and a lack of consistency in how things get done. Bringing the entire marketing team together in a centralized tool eliminates these inefficiency points. Everyone can use the same workflows and reduce the amount of redundant work that occurs.

If you want to explore a new marketing channel or create an omnichannel strategy, you have the flexibility to make that possible. You can take advantage of recent trends and respond to your competition as needed. The decreased time to market and increased agility your company gains can make the difference in your ongoing marketing campaigns.

Keep Using Your Favorite Specialized Marketing Tools Through Robust Integration

You do not need to get rid of all other marketing tools when you adopt an all-in-one content platform. Some market segments, industries, or companies require specialized solutions. When you evaluate content platforms, look for ones that offer integration with leading and niche applications. The platform may have built-in integration or offer an API that supports these connections.

Look for User-Friendly Functions and Extensive Educational Resources

Your new content platform should not be difficult to use, even if the marketing team has limited technical expertise. The interface should be intuitive and logical, so you can quickly access key features. Clear labeling, helpful UX copy, and intelligent suggestions are a few ways content platforms can make it easier...

Educational and training resources go hand-in-hand with a genuinely user-friendly solution. If someone on your team has a question about using the platform, it should be a simple process to get the answer through a self-service option. Guided training should occur before you roll out the new system, so everyone is up to speed from day one.

Increase Your Future Marketing Potential Through Modern Content Platforms with Extensive Third-party Support

Consider the short- and long-term potential of a content platform during the evaluation process. How much can you extend the solution and do you have the right resources in place to maximize your return on investment?

Content platforms that have an active ecosystem of third-party support are much easier to build upon continually. You can connect with developers to bring your custom requirements to life, implementation partners to help you with the initial platform rollout and ongoing needs, trainers to keep your team on top of the latest platform functionality, and more.

Create Sustainable Marketing Efforts Through Content Analytics

Effective marketing campaigns are part art and part science. If you don't have a simple way to analyze your marketing data, achieving growth is an uphill battle. The content platform you ultimately choose should offer robust analytics and reporting tools so you can learn precisely what's going on with your campaigns, how well you're doing, and what you can tweak going forward.

This increased visibility allows your company to pinpoint what you're doing right with your marketing efforts, areas where you could improve, and where you can best invest your marketing budget. With an all-in-one content platform, you don't have to worry about siloed data. You can enrich this information with other sources by leveraging the platform’s integration options.

The right content platform for your marketing team has to fulfill many requirements. By going through an extensive evaluation process, you can find the perfect foundation that will power your company’s ongoing growth. Truu Digital can help bring your content to the next level. Connect with our talented team today to achieve your content goals for 2021.


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