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5 reasons you should already be using HubSpot

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While HubSpot is definitely not a hidden secret, as proven by its user base of over 73,000 people, there are still a lot of people and a lot of businesses that have not taken advantage of this site and its resources. If you are one of the people who are still not using HubSpot to help run your business, then you’re making a big mistake. To help prove this, here are five reasons why you should already be using HubSpot.

Seamlessly Integrates With Other Platforms

When you are trying to run your own business, you are likely going to need a lot of different platforms. Since no single platform is the best at every major task associated with running a business, trying to only use one platform for everything is only going to limit your capabilities.

This is where HubSpot gives you the best of both worlds because not only does it provide you with a ton of exceptional features but it also makes integrating HubSpot into other platforms like WordPress or Magento very easy. So if there is a certain function that you prefer to use on a different platform, transitioning over to the other platform for that specific task will not be a clunky or difficult experience.

Regularly Produces Educational Content on Inbound Marketing

With 74 percent of the world’s businesses using inbound marketing as their primary form of marketing, it is quite clear that it is not something that your company can go without. But the problem is that not everyone knows what they are doing when it comes to inbound marketing. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who have never run their own company before.

To help business owners and executives better understand the roles and best practices of blogging, social media posts, SEO optimization, and every other element of inbound marketing, HubSpot offers a series of educational materials over at HubSpot Academy. As part of this service, the company regularly produces new and up-to-date educational content in the form of courses, certifications, projects, and software training that cover every aspect of inbound marketing. This is something that not a lot of other similar platforms provide, which is why so many users keep coming back to HubSpot for more.

Makes it Easier to Understand Website Visitor Behavior

When someone is visiting your website more than once, it is important to know exactly what they are looking at on the site. This will give you a much better understanding of what they are most interested in. This is information that your sales team should be able to take and use to your advantage when it comes to trying to convert the individual or company to a paying customer.

Luckily, getting access to this information is extremely easy because HubSpot already has the ability to track the IP addresses of those who are visiting your company’s website and then create a report on what pages they are going to while on your site. So when you notice that someone has visited your site a few different times, it might be time to reach out and make contact with them. Then you will already be armed with the valuable information of which of your company’s content they have expressed interest in and will have a better idea of what you can do to help successfully convert the lead.

Keeps an Updated Contacts Database

Having access to the contact information of potential customers and clients is a crucial part of generating leads. But contact information is only going to be useful as long as it is accurate. Therefore, a lot of time and energy is often spent trying to update contacts, especially when there is a database of hundreds or even thousands of contacts. Being able to cut out these countless hours of work and allow them to be redirected towards something else is a great way to improve your workplace productivity and is a very real possibility when using the HubSpot platform.

This is because HubSpot automatically tracks whenever new contact information is provided by the customer and will then automatically create or update their contact file in the company database. So if someone only gives their name and email one day but then uses a contact form a few weeks later and provides additional information like their phone number, then this information will be automatically inserted into their existing contact file. This makes contacting leads easier than ever before.

Automate Meeting Management

The amount of time that business professionals spend trying to schedule meetings is frankly astonishing. This is because when you pick a date and time for a meeting, you then have to send it to whoever is supposed to be attending the meeting. You will then have to wait for them to respond to see whether or not that particular time works for everyone.

This wouldn’t be so bad if everyone responded within only a few minutes. But as everyone already knows, this isn’t what happens. Instead, you are often left waiting several hours for all of the invitees to respond. In fact, in a recent survey, it was revealed that the least amount of time that people take to respond to meeting invites comes from Italy and Poland, where the average response time is about five and a half hours. And if this is the fastest response time, then you can only imagine how long most professionals are being forced to wait in other countries.

When you are using HubSpot, it offers an extremely helpful Meetings service. This tool allows you to schedule potential meetings in your calendar and then have invitations automatically sent out to anyone who is supposed to attend the meeting by using the contact information stored in your database. And as soon as the invitee responds to the invitation, their answer will be automatically synced up with your calendar. This helps to drastically cut down on the amount of time that you spend trying to communicate back and forth to schedule a meeting.

Of course, these reasons are only the tip of the iceberg regarding why you should be using HubSpot. To get more insightful information about how you can best use HubSpot’s incredibly helpful services, make sure to follow our blog today.

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