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HubSpot CMS Growth Marketing

How to Create a Marketing Growth Machine with HubSpot CMS Hub

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Do you want to increase leads and site traffic up to four times more? With HubSpot CMS, you can. Using the right tools to boost your marketing, you can see results just like this.

But doing so the wrong way wastes time and money. Using the right themes tailor-made for working with HubSpot, you can save time and money. Read on to learn about the best HubSpot themes and tools to create a growth machine for your business success.

Hassle-Free Contact Organization

Part of turning your company into a growth machine requires easily organizing your clients, leads, and prospects. With HubSpot CMS, you can manage your contact lists in several ways. The benefits for your marketing and sales teams include the following:

  • List segmentation: personalization in email for better targeting and follow up
  • Canned snippets: template response to save time and money for frequently asked questions
  • Custom bots: better customer service with automatic live chat responses and help links sent directly to customers
  • Larger contact bands: for limitless growth potential and frustration-free contact limits for a better customer experience all around
  • Eligibility flow: identify marketing contacts auto-generated bounce and unsubscribe lists, along with custom filters and lists
  • Unlimited contact storage: direct, accessible data and information on any contact for sales or marketing teams
  • Automatic categories: simply data entry and contact imports  from forms and integrations with help from quick settings updates or a simple workflow Form management: control the settings to determine which forms create marketing and non-marketing contacts
  • Ad organization: designate marketing contacts and ad placement with default lead syncing

Together, these features offer several helpful benefits. The more seamless your contact management, the better workflows are. Email marketing efforts simplify, along with other marketing strategies.

Taking your contact organization to the next level means understanding your target audience. As a CMS, HubSpot makes identifying buyer personas that much easier. With the right personas, your marketing campaigns will exceed expectations. 

Transition to Product-Led Growth (PLG) With HubSpot CMS

Depending on your company's pivot strategy, your transition into a growth machine relies on current products and service delivery. Consider what currently directs your company's growth.

You can measure your growth rate in several ways. These impact your business's growth potential, especially depending on the tools used to elevate an organization. Your growth rate may be marked by:

  • Revenue: increase or decrease in profit between two periods of time
  • Market share: how much of a market your company or product controls
  • User: the number of new paying customers gained monthly

Each of these markers uses different metrics to qualify for growth potential. For product-led growth, you need to consider the customer's point of view. This may require a culture shift for the organization.

Using HubSpot CMS, you can communicate with and incentivize sales teams through new competitive plans. These plans rely on adjusted lead types for product-qualified leads. The platform's built-in, custom filters allow salespeople to explore specific lead types.

Better contact organization allows for better approaches for marketing and sales teams, too. They can implement quality over quantity with hyperpigmentation, using filtered lists. These lists should be based on product-oriented metrics: acquisition (signups or prospects), activation, monetization, and time-to-value. 

The right theme allows you to transition to any new growth strategy. Whether it's PLG or something else, simplicity is possible for transforming your marketing into a growth machine. Using the right theme to integrate with HubSpot certainly helps, too.


Collaborate and Innovate for the Future

One of the best ways to collaborate with your team is via HubSpot CMS. It boasts many features to create hassle-free teamwork.  Coupled with forward-functioning site themes, you can upgrade its collaborative features.

These features can improve communication workflows for every team. Not only does this elevate your growth potential, but it impacts strategy alignment. Easier communication means better alignment between salespeople and marketers.

Some of these features are extensions of chat tools and other automation processes built into the platform. Here's a basic breakdown of some possibilities through the conversations inbox.

  • Reassign a conversation: rout conversations to users and team to for clarified roles and responsibilities with pre-assigned rules to avoid idle conversation threads
  • View users included on a thread: see when users interact, ensuring proper communication with any team member in a timely fashion
  • Comment on a conversation: allows you to review a thread or follow up with specific contacts, saving time and avoiding confusion
  • Include attachments as responses: replies can also include related documents, snippets, meeting links, quotes, or videos for further clarity
  • Move a conversation to another inbox: invaluable for following up with contacts on different platforms across their relationship with your company
  • Forward an email from the inbox: send relevant conversation threads to other team members or professionals external to your organization

Conversation flows like this improve your team's ability to work together. Better collaboration means better workflows and campaigns. Leveraging these features also allows you to better plan for long-term client relationships.

Coupling contact organization with conversation flows expedites customer service. This also elevates your opportunities to enhance service delivery. You'll exceed expectations in no time with these tools in your hands.

Drive Unrivaled Results With Your New Marketing Growth Machine

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