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The Magic Formula For Creating Exceptional Instagram Ads

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With over 90 percent of Instagram users following at least one business account, this social media platform is a very powerful tool for marketers in any industry. However, your performance on Instagram is going to be a direct reflection of the techniques that you use.

For example, one of the best techniques available to business owners on this platform is the use of Instagram ads. These paid advertisements are presented alongside traditional posts and can be automatically distributed to users who follow other accounts in your industry.

But if you are going to spend money on creating and distributing these ads on Instagram, then you want it to be worth your time and money by delivering impressive results in the form of ad clicks and new Instagram followers. To help satisfy these KPIs, there is the magic formula that you will need to know.

While most people will echo the message that there is no magic formula for success in business, there is one for success on Instagram ads. Unfortunately, most businesses are unaware of it, which is what results in there being so many underperforming Instagram ad campaigns. Avoid becoming a part of this group by reading through this magic formula for creating exceptional Instagram ads.

Use Eye-Catching Images

Instagram is a platform built entirely around stunning visuals so if you are not using great visuals, then your ads are going to be dead in the water as soon as you start. But “great” is such a vague term, so let’s break down exactly what that means.

The first thing that the images need to be is eye-catching. The average person spends approximately 53 minutes on Instagram every day but they are looking at far more than 53 posts. This means that you will likely have less than a couple of seconds in order to grab someone’s attention with your photo. And one of the best ways to do this is through vibrant colors.

When you have a grey product in front of a neutral background, it is probably not going to be very eye-catching. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are throwing in some vibrant colors with every post to make sure that it stands out from the rest of the photos they are scrolling past.

You should also try to add some contrast and texture to your images. These are both elements that help to make an image more eye-catching and increase the chances that someone will stop their scrolling and look at your post for even an extra second or two. This is enough time to help convince them to move onto the second step of the process, which involves actually reading the caption you’ve attached to the photo.

Keep Captions Short and Sweet

The common adage “less is more” is never more true than with Instagram ads. This is because a social media site built around images, which are already worth a thousand words, is not the place to attract people with novel-length captions.

Some companies make the mistake of placing their best content after a sentence or two for a lead-in. However, after about 60 to 70 characters, the rest of the text will be hidden unless a user purposely clicks on the “show more” button. So when someone is scrolling past, they need to be able to read attention-grabbing content within that first 60 to 70 characters.

Another important rule to remember when writing your captions is that they should never be too promotional. Instead of making it all about your product or service, try and make it about the customer and how clicking on the ad can end up benefiting them. If someone reads the first couple of lines of your caption and doesn’t know exactly what benefits they would receive by visiting your site, then you have not written a correct caption.

Finding the line between information and over-promotional is a tricky thing, which is why many businesses rely on professional online marketing services to handle this part of the process for them.

The caption content located after these initial two lines of text is very important as well. This is where you will usually put the call-to-action and try to seal the deal. But you want to make sure that you do this quickly as well or you will lose the attention of the user. It is recommended that you always keep your ad captions to a limit of 125 characters or less.

Regularly Check Analytics

When you are working on your very first Instagram ad campaign, your potential will be slightly limited because you won’t have the insights of how your past campaigns have performed. But for every Instagram ad campaign after the initial one, it is crucial that you are taking the time to look through the analytics of past campaigns. These prior performances can provide you with some very valuable insights on how your particular customer base reacts to posts.

For example, there are certain publishing times where Instagram posts perform the best. However, these times are just averages across the entire platform, which means that it is a good place to start but not a good resource to keep basing your entire strategy on. Each industry is going to have slightly different times where its posts perform the best and knowing what these times are for your particular industry can help make a world of difference in the results that your future Instagram ad campaigns receive.

It also gives you a way to compare and contrast how different color palettes and image styles have been performing with your audience, which is the only way to get your campaigns to keep improving as you go.

By following all of these various strategies, it can help you to create Instagram ad campaigns that are far more likely to get you the results that you want.

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