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Popular types of typography to include in your website

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When asked to list as many different fonts as possible, most people would probably only be able to get to maybe seven or eight before drawing a blank. However, there are actually hundreds of thousands of fonts, with more being created every year.

It is important that you are aware of all the options available to you when developing a website because the typography that you use is going to have a very big impact on how appealing visitors find the website. This will indirectly impact things like the website’s bounce rate and conversion rate. After all, fonts are more than just an arbitrary design choice and each font actually has a specific meaning to it.

Knowing this information will help give you the best chance of creating a website that has a very attractive and effective layout. To help make sure that your websites have the best designs possible, here are the best typography examples that are currently trending among some of the most popular websites out there.

Vintage Typography

By using vintage fonts, you can help to appeal to a wide range of audiences but for very different reasons. For example, older individuals are going to be drawn to these examples of vintage typography from the 40s or 50s because it reminds them of their childhood and the good memories that they associate with this time period of their lives. This nostalgia is a powerful tool in the marketing community.

But they are also able to beneficially impact younger audiences thanks to the fact that a vintage font is able to exude timeless quality. When a brand uses typography that makes it look like it originated in the mid-20th century or even earlier, then it forms that association in the mind of younger consumers that the company must be reputable and sell high-quality products or services in order to last this long. So even if your company is only a couple of years old, you can help to provide the admiration and confidence of an older company by simply incorporating vintage typography on the website.

Typography With Both Big and Small Elements

When most people begin to create their typography style, they will usually try and keep all of the lettering consistent in order to help it all fit together nicely and look perfectly uniform. However, there are certain situations where this might not be the best choice. In fact, there are plenty of instances where you might want to purposefully make the typography uneven.

This is usually done to help emphasize certain elements of the text and direct the viewer's attention to a specific part of the website. This is actually becoming quite a popular thing to see with logos that incorporate several words instead of just a couple of letters or a single word. It is very useful for adding a sense of dramatic flair to any brand.

Handwriting Typography

When someone receives a handwritten letter or note, it instantly makes them value it more than any text message or email would. Well, it turns out that a similar effect can occur with consumers when you make sure to use handwriting typography on your website.

When the text is created using a distinctive handwritten style, it can appear as if you have actually taken the time to hand-draw the words yourself, which instantly makes it feel more authentic. This is incredibly important during a time when brand authenticity is more important than ever before. In fact, approximately 90 percent of consumers use authenticity as one of the main factors that they use to judge a company. Therefore, any opportunity that you can use to improve how authentic your brand appears, the better off you are going to be in the public eye.

Unfortunately, this particular style of typography is generally best suited for companies with a lighter brand rather than something more serious and professional since handwriting typography is often seen as being whimsical and easy-going. So any company in industries like finances and healthcare might want to choose something a little more serious.

Watercolor Typography

When trying to design a website, many people will lean more towards bright or otherwise very noticeable typography that will help to draw someone’s attention. While this is great in many instances, there are certain times when something a bit more subtle works well.

The perfect example of this is when you have already decided to incorporate the previously mentioned handwriting typography. By combining a watercolor palette with it as well, you are able to create a much more calming website, which is good for groups of consumers who are generally viewed as being very stressed such as new parents shopping for baby products and future brides trying to plan their wedding services.

Therefore, if your company largely deals with groups of individuals who fit into either of these or similar categories, then you might want to think about incorporating watercolor typography, which is often much paler and can sometimes has a nice color gradient to help make it stand out even more.

Geometric Typography

Sometimes the best kind of typography is the one that doesn’t use any words at all. Instead, it just puts together a bunch of geometric shapes in order to create the general outline of certain letters to form words.

Taking the approach of using geometric typography is useful for more playful brands, especially those that deal with younger audiences. It is also really helpful for any company that promotes its ability to be creative since making geometric typography is going to require quite a bit of creativity in the first place. Plus, there is the benefit of being able to help a brand really stand out from the many other competitors in their industry.

Simply choose between one of these currently trending typography styles and then incorporate it into your website development in order to make it as great as possible.

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