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Top three HubSpot CRM tools you might be underutilizing

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With an active user base of over 73,000 people, it is fair to say that a significant portion of entrepreneurs are familiar with HubSpot CRM. But even people who have been using the service for over a year may not know about a few of its best features.

HubSpot CRM has a lot of hidden gems that can help to bring your business from ordinary to extraordinary. So the sooner that you discover these features, the sooner that you can begin to improve your professional relationships with your customers. That is why we have provided you with a list of some of the best HubSpot CRM tools that you might not know about.

Pinned Notes

Ever feel like you are having to repeat the same thing over and over again to different people? How about forgetting to bring up a topic that you wanted to talk about on a sales call or customer interaction? Well, the good news is that you are not alone. The cost of poor communication for businesses has led to an astonishing $37 billion.

The even better news is that there is something that can help to cut down on a lot of this time spent repeating information to employees or having to contact the same customers multiple times because of missed talking points. The HubSpot CRM offers a feature called pinned notes, which allows you to take a note and keep it pinned at the top of any record for a contact, deal, or company. So the next time that an employee goes to look at a specific record, they will see this note pinned right to the top of the page.

This feature is particularly useful if there is some key information about a specific client, company, or deal that you want to communicate to the rest of the staff. By having it pinned at the top of the page, it makes it impossible to miss and serves as a refresher for employees, meaning that you don’t have to waste your time reminding employees before every interaction with a certain customer or business.

And if you are still worried about some team members somehow missing this pinned note or you want them to see it as soon as possible, then you can always tag them in the pinned note by typing the “@” symbol and then typing another employee’s name.


Pinned Note


Deal Source Reporting

Have you ever used a product or service where the company sends you a questionnaire where one of the questions was how you discovered the business? What this company is trying to do is create a database that allows them to know which of their marketing channels is the most effective. Having this information is absolutely vital to any business because it allows them to pivot their resources to the methods that are getting them the best results.

The problem with the strategy of using these questionnaires is that a lot of people are not going to take the time to fill them out. If you are only getting responses from half of your customer base, then this can provide some very skewed results as to which methods are actually working or not.

Luckily, the HubSpot CRM incorporates a deal source reporting feature that can get you this information without you ever having to ask your customers a single question. As soon as you add a new contact, there is a bunch of analytics that are automatically entered on your behalf. These analytics include a wide variety of different information, with some of the most important including what the first webpage they visited was and something called original source type.

Deal Source Reporting

It is this second item that many people do not know about. This original source type is composed of two different categories of information, both of which are important for a business to have access to. These will include specifics about the source that the customer used to first visit the website. So whether it was throughout social media, an email campaign, organic search, or any other method, these specifics will be made available to the company.

Therefore, you should be looking at this information and using HubSpot’s reporting add-on in order to create detailed reports about the various original source types and how popular each of them are. This will allow you to know which marketing methods to concentrate on moving forward.

Deal Source Report Dashboard

Task Queues

When you have a million different things going on at work, it can seem hard to keep it all straight sometimes. Thankfully, you can use various schedulers and to-do lists in order to keep everything organized and have a better idea of everything that needs to be done.

But the unfortunate thing about to-do lists is that they force you to continually have to alternate between the list and your actual tasks, manually schedule follow-up tasks, and check off items on the list once completed. While these transitions and checking off items is only going to be under a minute for every task, it does not take long for this to add up to a significant chunk of your time.

That is why the HubSpot CRM offers task queues to allow you to keep everything organized still but without the burden of alternating between the to-do list every couple of minutes. Instead, the task queues feature is designed to help you reduce the amount of time that you spend on task management and refocus it on task completion.

Once you have a list of things that need to be done, such as making a call to a specific client or responding to an email, you can start automating the list. What this does is bring you to the program needed to complete the first task and allow you to do whatever you need to. After the task has been finished, the system will automatically check it off the list and bring you to the next program needed to complete whatever task is next. It will continue to do this until the list is done, helping to save a ton of time in transitions.

By incorporating these widely unknown features into your operations, you can help to vastly improve the capabilities of you and your team.

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