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How to Get Help Optimizing HubSpot for Your Business

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It should come as no surprise that the Internet is one of the most powerful tools you can take advantage of as an entrepreneur. In fact, establishing a powerful Internet presence is key when it comes to growing your brand.

Hubspot, in particular, is a noteworthy platform that can help you in this endeavor. But, not everybody knows how to take full advantage of it. 

Looking to get help making the most of HubSpot? We’ve got all the info you need. Let's explore everything you should keep in mind.


Properly Input Your Company's Data

In order to get the most out of the utility that HubSpot provides, you will need to ensure that your team is able to quickly access all of your relevant company data. This means information like client details, emails, schedules, etc.

Although completing this process can be tedious, it will go a long way in ensuring that you're able to capitalize on the benefits of this platform. Once you fully migrated all of your data over to HubSpot, be sure to store any future information on this platform as well in order to streamline your productivity.


Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management

One of the most attractive attributes of using HubSpot is its automation and CRM software. By using the two together, you'll be able to exponentially increase your sales metrics and reach heights that you may not have thought were possible.

When the software is configured properly, you'll be able to seamlessly communicate data between your marketing and sales teams. As a result, you can easily make the most out of each lead and capitalize upon each client relationship that you form.

So, handling this obligation should be one of the first tasks that you believe once you began to use HubSpot as a platform. The sooner you get your automation and CRM software up and running, the faster you can begin to grow your company.


Take Advantage of HubSpot Resources

Many HubSpot users are unaware that the platform offers a wide range of resources that you can use to expand your knowledge on topics like marketing, lead generation, etc.

More specifically, the HubSpot academy is essentially a comprehensive library of industry trends, statistics, and answers to common issues that entrepreneurs encounter. Those who are new to their industry can quickly get up to speed, and those with more experience can explore more technical information that can help them optimize their marketing strategies.

So, keep us in mind if you find yourself in need of additional resources. 


Centralize Your Inbound Activity

In order to make the most of HubSpot, you'll need to ensure that you use it as a central location for all of your company's inbound activity. Put simply, you'll need to use HubSpot to help you manage social media, email, and other relevant forms of interaction your business has with its audience.

After all, it can quickly become highly tedious and inefficient to use multiple different software for the above purposes. Similar to migrating your company data to HubSpot, you want to centralize your company's inbound activity as quickly as possible so that you can improve your efficiency


Optimize Your CTAs

HubSpot has plenty of tools that can help entrepreneurs run their businesses more effectively. One of the most notable, though, is the Smart CTA tool, which allows you to modify multiple pages on your site at once.

For example, you may have an extensive blog with hundreds of different articles, and changing each CTA to link to a new page is a task that is highly inefficient when you complete it manually.

Instead, you can use the Smart CTA tool to modify this information in seconds, allowing you and your team to focus on tasks that require a higher level of involvement. 


Always Consult Your Analytics

As you may expect, you won't be able to have a full understanding of how your current strategies are performing if you don't frequently consult your analytics. This will provide you insight into important metrics like incoming traffic, click-through rate, etc.

More importantly, you'll find out what content you should double down on and what type of content isn't working for your audience. At the very least, you should allocate time at least once per month to thoroughly analyze your recent performance and make any changes that are necessary.


Integrate 'Lead Flows'

HubSpot provides users with the capability to integrate a lead flow, which is essentially a pop-up window on your site that is used to streamline your lead generation. For example, this window may appear to offer a user a free download, discount, etc. in exchange for their email address.

From here, you can use this contact information to send them future offers— something they'll already be interested in since they willingly gave you this info.

The main benefit here, though, is that leads flows will seamlessly store consumer information in a single database. So, this information will accrue on its own as time goes on and more users fill out your lead generation forms.


Figuring Out How to Get Help With HubSpot Can Seem Difficult 

But the above information will make the process far smoother. From here, you’ll be able to get help with all of your concerns and ensure that your investment in HubSpot is well worth the time and money.

Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Feel free to reach out to us today and see how we can help.

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