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How HubSpot CRM can Nurture your Startup

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With the development of so many free online business resources nowadays, there has never been an easier time to start a business. Unfortunately, just because it is easy to start a business, this does not necessarily mean that it is easy to keep it going. In reality, the data actually suggests that it is much harder than most people think. 

For instance, some of the most recent reports indicate that the success rate of startups is very similar to the success rate of marriages nowadays. If you have a startup, then the chances of you making it past five years are just over 50 percent

But you should not let the failure rate scare you off from starting your own company. Instead, it should help you realize that you need to be taking advantage of all the free business resources that you can to give your endeavor the best-possible shot. 

Among one of the best online business tools available to any startup is HubSpot CRM. This online service is useful for many reasons and can specifically help startups navigate the minefield of trying to successfully grow their business. Here are a few of the main ways in which using HubSpot CRM can help nurture the growth of your startup business. 

Allows for Real-Time Customer Interactions

As technology improves and gets faster in meeting our needs, customers are continually getting less patient when it comes to getting what they want. In fact, approximately 30 percent of all customers expect to receive some online assistance from a company within one hour of contacting them. Without the proper resources, these standards are nearly impossible, especially as your customer base continues to outgrow the size of your staff.

Luckily, HubSpot CRM is here to provide you with the tools that you need in order to interact with customers on a real-time basis. Between the ability to incorporate team emails, bots, live chat, and even more into your operations, it allows you to better monitor customer requests and quickly respond to them. 

HubSpot CRM also provides you with a messaging inbox that every department at your startup can use to actively monitor any new or current conversations. Instead of trying to coordinate several different accounts or messaging platforms, you gain the ability to go to one place and effortlessly find and respond to any message that you are looking for. This helps to streamline the customer service experience and helps to save you a significant amount of time and money in the process.

Keeps Track of Customer Behaviors

It has become an indisputable fact that customers are now using multiple devices and platforms in order to interact with a business. In fact, it is estimated that this is true for about 90 percent of all consumers. This has made the tracking of customer behaviors much more difficult since it now requires more than just monitoring one online platform to understand what your customers are and are not responding to. While it is simple enough to monitor each platform individually, it is extremely time-consuming and can cause some issues when trying to merge all of this data into the same database.

That is why HubSpot CRM takes the initiative to make this process a lot easier and more realistic for a small business like a startup that does not have enough available man-hours to independently monitor these multiple platforms. This service allows the CRM to actively track customer interactions across many different platforms, such as email, social media, phone calls, and much more. It then gathers this data together and creates a detailed pool of customer behavior reports to be used by your marketing and sales teams.

Allows for Company Growth Without Needing to Change Services

Changing the programs that you use in order to complete your various workplace tasks is one of the fastest ways to bring productivity to a halt. This is because there is usually a couple of days of a transition period where your workforce is trying to bring over all the appropriate data to the new program and trying to figure out how to properly use this new program. Therefore, if you can find a service that will continue to be an efficient choice as your startup begins to grow, then you can help to avoid the unnecessary challenge of trying to adopt a new program.

Luckily, HubSpot CRM is designed with growth in mind. This service is able to manage as much as one million users and can be actively used by a team of up to 1,000 employees. So while your startup may begin as a team of three or four people with only a handful of clients, you will be able to continue to freely use CRM until your startup has grown significantly.

As your company and customer base grows, you are also likely to require additional services that help you with other marketing and sales tasks. Adopting these more comprehensive services without doing a complete overhaul of your workflow is easy thanks to the fact that HubSpot CRM is designed to effortlessly fit into the workings of HubSpot’s sales and marketing hubs as well.

Gives You Access to a Large Database of Inbound Marketing Insights

One of the greatest things about the fact that there are so many startups now is that there are more people with direct experience of running a small company who can share their insights about their inbound marketing experiences. Learning from the mistakes of others is one of the best tools available to small business owners because it helps to prevent them from making their own expensive mistakes.

Instead of having to scour the internet for these valuable industry insights, HubSpot CRM gives you access to a massive library of detailed and recent tutorials that educates you on the tricks to successful inbound marketing and how to use HubSpot in order to find entrepreneurial success much faster.

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